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I had the privilege of having three lessons with Joan this spring when she was in my area. Having not even met her in person, and not being a very confident rider, I was a little apprehensive, but she came highly recommended by a friend. I have a pretty green horse who is new to me, and I was feeling a bit out of my element. Joan asked all the right questions to make me comfortable and completely met  us where we were at. She was able to quickly identify some specific areas needing work on my part, and she was right on the  mark! Her feedback was constructive and very helpful and we had some solid progression from one lesson to the next. Weeks later, I find myself still thinking of tips Joan gave me to work on. I have already signed up for some virtual lessons and can’t wait for them to start!


Deanna Berry

As a former manager of Misty Meadows Horse Farm, and Former Massachusetts licensed Riding Instructor –

Joan Pretty, has decades of coaching experience and an encyclopedia knowledge of horses. She has the ability to watch a rider for a short period of time, and know what the horse needs . You do not need to be a dressage rider…Joan can help you in any discipline. Her instructions are clear and worded so that the rider can understand what needs to be accomplished to communicate to the horse. With Joan you will quickly find it is all about the horse.

Ann Bassett


I am the manager and coach at Eastview Equestrian Center. I have known Joan for many years and not only is she a superb coach she is a wonderful friend , as  a result I excelled at Dressage on several horses. As an Eventer her coaching was instrumental in improving me in all disciplines. Joan is patient and understanding . She does not criticize but rather offers guidance to correct errors in a very positive way. I am now coaching and Joan’s style when coaching me has definitely influenced my style and approach. Whether you want to be the best or just ride well for pleasure, Joan is the coach for you. She will be giving a clinic at my barn in the fall and we are thrilled.



Kimberley E Baldwin

Thank you for our lesson , I feel Willow and I are on the right track. We have many more ideas and tools for our riding tool box.Thanks for helping us pull ourselves together.

Laura Tite


I really enjoyed my sessions with Joan,  Although initially intimidated by her qualifications , I was quickly put at ease, as Joan was able to guide me through my riding issues in a way that I could understand and implement and I was so pleased to see my horse respond.  My horse was instantly more relaxed, supple and willing . I was able to improve my communication  with my horse and we are working better as a team.  I look forward to future sessions, and know that as my riding improves and I become a better technical rider, Joan can coach me through any future issues I may have.

Thanks Joan, can’t wait for our next sessions.

Mount Blow Farm

Almonte, Ontario , Canada

Sandra Mirabelli


I have known Joan Pretty for almost 25 years. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed coach, she is probably the best judge of horseflesh that I have ever met.  Whether assessing a horse alone, or a horse and rider she is instantly capable of identifying their strengths, their weaknesses and solutions to their problems, either individually or collectively.  Her coaching methodology is very much horse-centric and although she is always pleasant, tactful and respectful  she will not hesitate  to advocate for the horse if the rider is consciously or unconsciously setting their mount up for failure.  She has an exceedingly nuanced eye and will unfailingly see beyond the obvious to identify root issues affecting the overall performance of the horse and rider.  She has been a great help to me on numerous occasions and both myself and my horse have benefited from her professionalism and deep understanding of horses, their potential as individuals and their limitations.

Appleton, Ontario, Canada

Raymond Elliston

I was fortunate to have Joan come up to the farm this past weekend for a few sessions in person!  She was simply amazing. So positive and the most knowledge coach I have ever worked with.  I can’t thank you enough Joan for all your advice.  I can’t wait to continue virtually so I can continue my riding journey.

Lori M

I found Joan to be very engaging and knowledgeable. Thank you!