As we all know the world we live in isn’t the same due to the Covid-19 outbreak , life changed for all of us. Travelling with your horse to lessons for some is almost not an option with prices going up for hay, feed, vets and gas . Many riders in the horse industry are now working from home. Having a Coach that can work within your time frame, is affordable and in the comfort of your home is a game changer.

Thankfully, technology comes to your rescue. Keeping up with the changing times, you can now opt for horse back riding lessons online at All that is required is to share a well-shot video of you and your horse working, both you and I will watch the video together while critiquing what I see and listen to your concerns and questions. It is a simple process with great results and fun ! How many of us get to see us ride our horse ??

To see issues and work with you to sort them out in realtime on zoom while you are watching your video has been a dramatic experience for my clients and the fact that you can talk to me at the same time to voice your concernes and work together to create a plan to go forward has been incredible helpful .

Why is Horse Back Riding Lesson’s Online Ideal for Horse and Rider? 

Like you, there are many who are looking for ways to address their riding-related issues. Video critiquing, plays a key role in assisting in figuring out the problem areas. Online lessons do open up a whole new world of benefits, some of which are:

• Comfort and Convenience: Online critiquing is certainly the perfect way to learn with the unique option to visually watching your self and your horse while talking to a coach. These sessions are also ideal for those staying in remote areas , not wanting to absorb the expense of hauling to a lesson or not have the time with many of us work from home, as well as for riders who are keen to train from a new coach to get a fresh new perspective.

• Analysis of the Problem Areas: Through your video, , the riding Instructor will analyse the problem areas you and your horse might be having. The Instructor will then work live with you with constructive feedback while you are both on zoom watching your video.

• Boosts Your Confidence: There are moments when you lose the confidence to ride. Remember, it is not just about you. Your horse might be having the same issue. By and large, it is about creating an emotional connection. Through online video sessions the Instructor will be able to connect with you with more understanding and the feedback will certainly boost your overall confidence.

• Affordable and Fast Turnaround: Online lessons for riders turns out to be an effective way to gain valuable insight. In short, the objective is to help you enjoy the experience while gaining insight as what has to be worked on for both horse and rider.

Wrapping It Up

Call us today or visit our website if you are looking for a fun, refreshing experience with a professional that cares about her clients and there horses. We work with all level riders and all breeds of horses. Looking forward to meeting you and your horse !! Joan Pretty