Horse Back Riding


Horse back riding is all about having fun. But more than that, it is about you and your horse having a connection. Of course, there are several technical aspects that you must work on to improve the riding experience. There are occasions when you fail to connect emotionally with your horse. How about looking for ways to improve the skills and get the basics right?

Here are a few simple steps that will help you make an informed choice. 

  • Good Knowledge and Expertise Knowledge of the discipline requires they must have an eye for detail so as to analyze the problems you and your horse are experiencing. In short, a good trainer will help you to address the issues in the best possible way.

  • Efficient and Effective Communication Skills: When you make it a point to work closely with a good riding Instructor, the objective is simple. You are looking for ways to improve your skills. The coach should have a clear plan in place to address the core issue. Hence, it becomes necessary for the instructor to have effective communication skills. They should be consistent while delivering the messages.

  • Ability to Motivate: Most riders are reluctant to try out new things. It is almost like they are stuck somewhere. However, a good instructor will make sure to provide motivation and inspire the riders to step up and excel.

Flexible and Patient: Good riding instructors understand the needs and preferences of the individual rider. Being flexible means the coach tries to guide both horse and rider with no time constraints to get them where they should be.


We have broadly covered why it is essential to find the best riding instructor. The tips mentioned will help you narrow down your choices. At we are here to guide and help you connect with your horse. Keeping up with the changing times, we specialize in offering virtual coaching that allows us to see what you and your horse are working on in the summited video while live on zoom with me as we watch the video together, we will be discussing any issues or concerns you may have and how to improve them. Joan Pretty

All levels of riders and horses are welcome!