Take a breath…and enjoy the beauty of the animal under you.

Joan Pretty

It is my intention to help you in a respectful knowledgeable manner to connect you with your horse and for you to have the privilege of an International Instructor through Video Critiquing. Your horse, your time, your barn, your video.

Virtual Coaching and How It Works

Video-recording device, smartphone, or iPad

A friend, assistant or recording device using YOUR personal Smartphone, Tablet or iPad to record your ride. Then SHARE to my email equestrianvvc@gmail.com

Video should be NO LONGER than 10 mins.

Critiquing is offered online through contact-free Zoom.

Video critique will allow you to see what you and your horse are actually working on and have the benefit of reviewing your ride during zoom while being recorded . Recording will allow you to review the critique and video on your own time line. My goal is to make this a positive experience …..

Tips Before Recording Your Ride

Put the sun at the camera persons back so the horse and rider are well lit.

If you are shooting with a phone, Horizontal NOT Vertical.

Hold the camera steady. Try to avoid jerky movements. Some people will lean against a post or barn wall to steady the phone.

Keep the horse and rider in the center of the screen as much as possible.

Pick a clutter free location.

Remember, I am only as good as the video you send me.